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=== Presentations ===
=== Presentations ===
* Progressive Web App Development, June 2017. [Pre-MFTI-MDC-PWA-2017-06-03-pub.pdf PDF]
* Progressive Web App Development, June 2017. [[Pre-MFTI-MDC-PWA-2017-06-03-pub.pdf PDF]]
=== Planned Topics ===
=== Planned Topics ===

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Main Page E-College

E-College is part of the Mobile First Technology Initiative's effort to mobilize knowledge about mobile information and communication technologies (ICT) in ways that enable developers and managers to leverage it for professional development and to jump start innovation in their organizations.

This section offers free access to tutorials, presentations, and other learning objects that are useful to technology designers and developers.

E-College is also part of the New Brunswick Community College's broader efforts to

  • Use College resources for social and economic development, and
  • Evolve NBCC to be a contemporary E-college.



Planned Topics

  • Microsoft HoloLens app development
  • Mechatronics
  • Design thinking

Comments, Corrections & Requests

We welcome comments and corrections about Mobile First Technology Initiative's E-College content, and requests for information and tutorials on new topics. Please send all such correspondence to bill.mciver@nbcc.ca and include "E-College" in the subject line.


William McIver Jr., Ph.D.
NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Mobile First Technology
New Brunswick Community College

Mobile First Technology Initiative URL: http://wiki.nbcc.mobi
E-mail: bill.mciver@nbcc.ca
Twitter: @mciverNBCC
Blog: http://mciver.mobi/

New Brunswick Community College URL: http://nbcc.ca
Media inquiries

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