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The NBCC Mobile Ideaspace

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The centrepiece of NBCC Mobile First Technology initiative (MFTi) is its dedicated research facility, the Mobile Ideaspace.

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The Mobile Ideaspace is comprised of both physical and cyber infrastructure that spans all six of NBCC’s campuses. This scope allows MFTi to efficiently leverage the skills and expertise of NBCC’s faculty, staff, and students across the whole College; and to interact efficiently with research partners across the province.

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The Mobile Ideaspace features the following:

  • Six dedicated rooms, one on each campus;
  • A virtual hallway connecting each campus, implement by always-on video conferencing and collaboration systems;
  • Dedicated hardware and software library to support advanced development of mobile apps, Internet of Things technologies, and other types of technologies;
  • Dedicated project management, source code version control, and virtual machine systems;
  • Dedicated Ethernet and Wi-Fi VLANS;
  • A custom-built 10 node Hadoop cluster;
  • OpenStack cloud services sandboxes provided by CANARIE DAIR; and
  • MASAS - Multi-Agency Situational Awareness System sandbox provided by Canadian Public Safety Operations Organization (CanOps).

The Mobile Ideaspace is used for MFTI’s applied research projects and as an open door, innovation and collaboration space for NBCC students, faculty, and staff.


  • National Sciences and Engineering Research Council - Industrial Research Chair for Colleges program
  • Industrial partners IGT, T4G, Technology Venture Corporation, Mariner Partners, Accreon, Stellar Learning Strategies
  • National Sciences and Engineering Research Council - Applied Research Tools & Infrastructure program


William McIver Jr., Ph.D.
NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Mobile First Technology
New Brunswick Community College

Mobile First Technology Initiative URL:
Twitter: @mciverNBCC

New Brunswick Community College URL:
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