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The following companies are partners in NBCC's Industrial Research Chair in Mobile First Technology. They provide critical funding and in-kind support, and they collaborate with NBCC in applied research.

  • IGT is a leading developer of online gaming products with a major research and manufacturing facility in Moncton, New Brunswick.
  • T4G is a company with a presence in Saint John, New Brunswick, which designs, develops, implements, markets, tracks and measures technology solutions in order to help customers run their businesses better.
  • Technology Venture Corporation is a private venture capital and investment holding company headquartered in Moncton, New Brunswick.
  • Mariner Partners is a pioneer of IPTV monitoring technology and the global leader in innovative IP video software and media room monitoring solutions.
  • Accreon is one of Atlantic Canada’s largest privately-owned ICT consulting firms.
  • First Mobile Education (a.k.a. Stellar Learning Strategies) is a company that seeks to improve organizational and individual performance through the strategic use of innovation, mobile or personal media, and location-based learning environments.
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William McIver Jr., Ph.D.
NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Mobile First Technology
New Brunswick Community College

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